In today’s world, where environmental consciousness is not just a trend but a necessity, we take immense pride in our commitment to sustainability. Our journey towards eco-friendliness is a  meticulous one, guided by research, experience and a feel for what people need to help and motivate them to live in better balance with our planet. 

Sustainable by Design

The key to sustainable products lies in understanding which materials endure and which do not. From there, we decide what in our product and package should perish and what should last.  In our pursuit to promote eco-consciousness, we’re bringing back the concept of reusability. By designing some of our products to stand the test of time without losing their usability, we aim to reduce waste, encourage consumers to make choices that benefit the environment. Others, whose very own nature is not a lasting one, we design it to parish completely. 

Designing waste out of our packaging is another important exercise for us, one of the most alarming statistics in the sustainability realm is that around 91% of plastic manufactured is single use plastic used for packaging. That’s why one of our first important milestones was to eliminate all plastic from our packaging. 

A prime example is our shampoo bars. Traditional shampoos are over 80% water, a critical issue given the limited fresh water on Earth. By removing water, we avoid plastic packaging, reducing product weight and volume by 80%. This single choice significantly diminishes our environmental impact during manufacturing, transportation, and storage.

We are only as good as our partners

In the world of sustainability, collaboration is key. Rebels with a Cause takes pride in working closely with our partners throughout the supply chain to develop greener, more efficient manufacturing practices that also enhance their bottom lines.

We understand that what might look like a small change in the product can necessitate a costly redesign in the production process. However, we view the manufacturing stage as a critical juncture where we can implement changes that have the most immediate and meaningful impact. We also favour partners who not only uphold sustainable manufacturing practices but also help stimulate social development in their communities. We hold our partners to high standards because we know that Rebels with a Cause means much more to you than simply a product.  


Rebels with a Cause work to very high standards of sustainability. Sustainability is at the very core of every product they sell, and they are without doubt one of the most environmentally conscious companies I have ever had the fortune to work alongside. I regard both the company and their products as environmentally world class.

Jonathan Wragg

Environmental & Sustainability Specialist, Advisor and Consultant


While we like to think that we can become the poster child of sustainable business, we know that we are still a long way from there. This ambition however keeps us excited, motivated, and on our toes for innovations that help us improve. With such a lofty objective comes great responsibility, and we refuse to take shortcuts. We externally fact-check our suppliers, our products and ourselves using independent companies to put our mind and yours at rest that everything that we state is true. Green-washing has a long lasting negative effect on our industry and we strive to put an end to it.

Logistics Initiatives

Movement of products is one of the primary sources of waste and pollution in the retail world. As mentioned, product design allows us to minimise our footprint greatly by maximizing space and reducing weight of our shipments. We eliminated all plastic from our delivery packaging only source mailers made from 100% recycled content.

 Moreover, we are pleased to have managed to achieve 100% Carbon Neutrality when it comes to the storage of our products, processing and delivery of orders. This is done by adopting energy saving and efficient practices and through active carbon offsetting projects. 

Be More, Do More

At Rebels with a Cause, we don’t merely advocate for change; we actively contribute to it. By allocating a percentage of our revenues to the initiatives outlined below, we aim to ensure that the impact of Rebels with a Cause extends beyond our products, leaving a lasting, positive imprint on the planet and its inhabitants.

  1. Fostering Environmental Initiatives: Organise and Support environmental activities and initiatives including cleanups, reforestation projects and more. We believe that a hands-on approach is crucial to driving change.
  2. Empowering Environmental Education: Education is at the heart of sustainable change, and we believe in spreading awareness far and wide. A portion of our revenues funds education programs aimed at enlightening the general public about pressing environmental issues and, more importantly, what they can do to address them. We empower individuals with knowledge, enabling them to make informed choices that align with a greener and more sustainable future.
  3. Supporting Vulnerable Communities: We understand that some communities bear the brunt of environmental challenges, often due to economic disparities. As part of our commitment, we allocate a portion of our revenues to support these communities, offering them alternative livelihoods and demonstrating that they, too, can play a pivotal role in safeguarding their future. Through these initiatives, we aim to uplift the most vulnerable and empower them to be stewards of their environment.

Your Journey Towards Eco-Friendliness Starts Here

By choosing Rebels with a Cause you aren’t just making a purchase; you’re contributing to a purpose-driven brand that actively works towards a sustainable and equitable future. Together, we’re not just sustaining our brand; we’re sustaining the planet and the people who call it home. Thank you for being a part of this meaningful journey with us.